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Mar 1 2017

Generation Z Renters - The Must Knows

May 24 2016

Fort McMurray - Returning to Your Home after the Fire

May 24 2016

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo - Re-Entry Information Booklet

Apr 9 2016

Vancouver rental demand booming, but supply slow to keep up

Apr 5 2016


The limited availability of pet friendly rental housing in British...
Apr 5 2016

Vancouver City Council on AirBNB in Rental Apartment Housing

Mar 1 2016

Do I Need Tenant's Insurance Coverage?

Do tenant's really need Tenant Insurance? While the short answer is yes, approximately one half of all renters don't take out any Tenant Insurance according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Dec 21 2015

Workplace Stretching to Reduce Risk of Injury

Dec 3 2015

What Tenants Want in Rental Apartments

Nov 19 2015

Micro Apartments ... just when you thought they couldn't get any smaller

Nov 18 2015

Illness Prevention during Cold and Flu Season

  Exercise: It's a Proven Immune SYSTEM...
Oct 16 2015

How to Be a Good Landlord

Being a good landlord comes with both stress and responsibility, both...
Oct 9 2015

How to Be a Good Tenant

While it is important to focus on your rights as a tenant, it is even more...
Sep 14 2015

How to Get a Prospective Landlord to Choose You

You may be entering the apartment rental market for the first...
Aug 25 2015

The Millennial Renting vs Buying Real Estate Debate

The Vancouver media has written many articles over the past number of...
Aug 1 2015

What type of Apartment should I rent?

We find that prospective tenants often ask both for clarification regarding the different entry room types that are listed for rent and for guidance with respect to what room type might be most suitable for them. Following is our attempt to shed a little further light on the matter.

Jul 15 2015

How to Make Your Apartment Move Less Stressful

Moving can be stressful but we have found most moves proceed smoothly as long as the tenant and building manager remain in contact throughout the move. Here are some helpful tips and information for your move.