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July 15 2015

How to Make Your Apartment Move Less Stressful

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Moving can be stressful but we have found most moves proceed smoothly as long as the tenant and building manager remain in contact throughout the move. Here are some helpful tips and information for your move.

One month prior to move

•    Make reservations with your moving company or rental truck company

•    Purchase moving boxes or start collecting boxes from various outlets – you will be surprised at how many of the outlets will be completely out of boxes at month end

•    Frog Box is a great green alternative to cardboard boxes

•    Advise the telephone company, cable company, hydro etc. of your forwarding address and ask them for a meeting reading, where appropriate, and not to disconnect the service to the unit

•    Give your forwarding address to the post office and landlord

•    Let the building manager know if you are having problems coordinating your move

•    Determine, and perform, the cleaning and repairs you need to be prior to move out in order to maximize your security deposit refund

Some things you should know

•    Your Tenancy Agreement will likely specify a move out time. For example, our standard tenancy agreement confirms that must vacate your unit by 12:00 pm (noon)

•    Several people may be moving on the same day so please coordinate your time with the building manager

•    Some buildings require you to book the elevator – talk to your building manager about it

•    It is your responsibility to ensure your unit is left clean when you vacate

•    You are required to return the unit in the same condition as when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear. Should you not do so, you will be financially responsible for any repairs, cleaning or garbage removal costs incurred by the Landlord.

Basic cleaning and maintenance requirements

•    Restore the unit to the same condition as when the tenant moved in, except for normal wear and tear, repairing walls where there are nail holes or large nails, screws or tape have been used and left wall damaged 

•    You must have the carpets professionally cleaned and provide a receipt to the building manager or the manager can arrange the carpet cleaning and deduct the cost from your security deposit

•    Clean all window coverings

•    Wash all windows, window sills, light fixtures and shelves

•    Clean all floors (see manager for instructions for hardwood floors)

•    Sweep and clean out your locker area

•    Remove all garbage and take away and dispose of furniture, mattresses or other large items offsite. There is a large charge for the cost of garbage removal in addition to all third party fines/penalties received for large items

Specific cleaning for the kitchen

•    Wash refrigerator and then leave on low

•    Clean range, oven, ovens grills and racks, wash hood and exhaust fan

•    Clean cabinet shelves

•    Wash floors and wash behind and under stove and fridge

Specific cleaning for the bathroom

•    Scrub tile and clean grout

•    Wash bath tub, sink, shower and toilet, wash floors

•    Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors