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December 11 2017

Drinking and Driving

We all know not to drink and drive. During the Holiday season most people have Christmas parties, family dinners, friend dinners and various gatherings that they attend. Here are a few non-alcoholic drink suggestions for gatherings for designated drivers who do not want to be holding a glass of either water or sugar filled pop in their hands.

  1. Cranberry Juice and Ginger ale ( or sparkling water) garnished with slice of lemon, lime and orange. Lots of ice. Delicious.
  2. Punch without alcohol
  3. Pour these non alcoholic drinks in a fancy glass, Only you will know the difference WHEN YOU GET YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY HOME SAFELY
  4. if you have a gathering and you see that someone drank please do not make them drive. BE A GOOD FRIEND AND CALL A TAXI
  5. If you see a drunk driver on the road take their plate numbers and call 911.  YOU MAY SAVE ONE OR MORE LIVES